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Sewell, New Jersey is home base for Stanch's Tree Service and has been since the company started in 1960. To say we're a family owned and operated tree service business that is community oriented may not sound very creative since those words are used so often, but it means a lot to us. As a tree service company, we help make the community more beautiful and that's a worthwhile contribution.

But it means more that our “roots” are firmly established here. If you've seen our bright red trucks and equipment around town, you've only seen our stuff. When you need tree services and contact us for a free estimate, you begin the process of meeting people who genuinely care.

We know if you hire us, we'll be guests on your property while we perform the tree service project. You'll witness how our team of people work well together while they respect you, your property, and clean up so tidy afterwards that the only trace we leave behind is your amazement. During that process, you will have met some of our people.

Afterward is something we also appreciate because it delights us to know we've gained a new friend. We not only work here, we live here. It's likely you'll see and recognize us at the grocery store, gas station, baseball game, restaurant, or various other places around the community. You are now part of our success and you've given us the opportunity to meet one more citizen who makes Sewell, NJ a great place to live and work.

Thank you in advance for that.

Our Sewell, NJ tree services include: